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Hexagon Chakra Crystal Necklace - "Self Love"
Hexagon Chakra Crystal Necklace - "Self Love"

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Hexagon Chakra Crystal Necklace - "Self Love"

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The best gift we can give ourselves.

Self-Love is transcendent. It is magnetic, it is warm and welcoming. It is powerful and radiates in all directions as we move through life. We have picked up a tricky little habit of learning not to like ourselves. A habit of learning to constantly compare ourselves to others, and feeling as though we never quite measure up.

Genuine self love is not about ego, it is about acceptance & allowance. 

First, accepting who and what we truly are, despite what the world and others may try to pressure us to be at times. 

Second, allowing ourselves to forge forward in our true form, removing all masks of tradition and social conditioning. 

Spend the next 7 days writing down 3 things you LOVE about yourself as soon as you wake up in the morning. Reflect on this list each day, realizing that you are truly unique in a universe of infinite possibilities.  


- Closed with the firm lobster clasp, not easy to drop or lose.

- Hexagonal crystal pendant necklace is very easy and lightweight to wear, just pass the    pendant through the leather cord with extended chain.

- Comes with silver rope chain.


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