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Hexagon Chakra Crystal Necklace - "Conquering Fear"
Hexagon Chakra Crystal Necklace - "Conquering Fear"

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Hexagon Chakra Crystal Necklace - "Conquering Fear"

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We're all familiar with this feeling. The shear power that fear can sometimes have over us. The feeling of being trapped, with no choice or opportunity to escape. 
As we navigate through life, it is important to remember these things when attempting to conquer our fears.
First, we must admit what we are afraid of. It is impossible to triumph over something that we cannot even describe clearly. Take your time, and really think deeply about those things that may be holding you back. Those things that make you feel stuck, unsure of yourself, and unable to move forward and live the kind of life you have imagined.
Second, we must accept our fears. Do not confuse acceptance with allowance, we are simply acknowledging that this fear is holding us back, even though we know that the ideal life is on the other side of it.
Third, we must imagine what life will be like if we continue allowing these fears to hold us back. Imagine your life 6 months, 1 year, 10 years from now if you do not conquer this fear. It doesn't look too good for us, does it? Is that how you want to continue living?
Finally, we must promise ourselves that we will do any and everything in our power to face these fears every time they arise. We've seen the result if we do not, and now it is time to face these fears so that we can truly live a life of fulfillment and self-realization.
Let this crystal be a reminder to always stand brave in the face of fear, always bearing in mind that courage is not the absence of fear; but is in having the strength to push forward in spite of it.
- Closed with the firm lobster clasp, not easy to drop or lose.
- Hexagonal crystal pendant necklace is very easy and lightweight to wear, just pass the    pendant through the leather cord with extended chain.
- Comes with silver rope chain.

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