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Hexagon Chakra Crystal Necklace - "Forgiveness"
Hexagon Chakra Crystal Necklace - "Forgiveness"

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Hexagon Chakra Crystal Necklace - "Forgiveness"

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The most powerful offering from one human to another.
When we think of forgiveness, we tend to think of it only being a gift to someone else. "I forgive you", sounds like something we are doing for the other person. We are giving them closure, and absolving their guilt. However, true forgiveness is just as much a gift to ourselves as it is a gift to those we are forgiving. It is an act of release, as we are letting go of past grudges and hang-ups that may continue to have a hold on us. 
No matter how badly you have been hurt, always remind yourself that you deserve to be set free from these chains of hate, grudge-fullness, and negative emotions. Forgiveness is not the same as saying "it's ok to hurt me", it is saying "Even though you've hurt me, I don't have to hold on to this pain forever."
Let this beautiful Crystal Chakra Necklace guide you on your path to true forgiveness.

- Closed with the firm lobster clasp, not easy to drop or lose.

- Hexagonal crystal pendant necklace is very easy and lightweight to wear, just pass the    pendant through the leather cord with extended chain.

- Comes with silver rope chain.


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