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Hexagon Chakra Crystal Necklace - "Trust"
Hexagon Chakra Crystal Necklace - "Trust"

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Hexagon Chakra Crystal Necklace - "Trust"

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The belief in the higher consciousness of others. 
Trust is especially powerful because it requires us to release ourselves of doubt, and to believe that those we love will honor us in spite of any temptation to do otherwise. It is an intense power that we give to others, and to ourselves. 
Let us all be reminded that genuine trust is rare, and therefore should be treated like a delicate, scarce and precious stone. We must hold on to it dearly, while at the same time never giving it away too easily.
- Closed with the firm lobster clasp, not easy to drop or lose.

- Hexagonal crystal pendant necklace is very easy and lightweight to wear, just pass the    pendant through the leather cord with extended chain.

- Comes with silver rope chain.


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