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Hexagon Chakra Crystal Necklace - "Rebirth"
Hexagon Chakra Crystal Necklace - "Rebirth"

Dragonfly Jewels

Hexagon Chakra Crystal Necklace - "Rebirth"

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Sometimes all we need is a fresh start. To be born again with a new lease on life, a new outlook, a new set of opportunities. Black symbolizes the unknown, everything that is on the other side of our fears. 
To start over means to leave the past behind. It means letting go of those things that once hurt and had a hold on us. Letting go of those painful memories and promising ourselves to craft a brand new journey as we forge forward.
Let our Rebirth necklace always remind you that it is never too late to start over, and live the life you truly deserve.

- Closed with the firm lobster clasp, not easy to drop or lose.

- Hexagonal crystal pendant necklace is very easy and lightweight to wear, just pass the    pendant through the leather cord with extended chain.

- Comes with silver rope chain.


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